(Attack Force)

The purpose of ATFOR is to develop players into lethal squads that excel together tactically. They swiftly achieve objectives. Teamwork is the focus for this course along with further development of combat skills such as marksmanship, communication, movement, and physical fitness.

Fast moving, hard hitting attack force. Perhaps the most versatile unit on the field, ATFOR is built to do it all. If Heavy is the Thunder, these boys bring the Lightning. Though they don’t shoot as much paint as the big hitters, ATFOR brings an aggression to the field that sends shockwaves through the
other units. Scout probes to establish contact and maneuver, Heavy sets up the offensive screen, while ATFOR deploys to end it immediately. Once contact has been made ATFOR members work on getting to a key bunker, strike with a controlled ferocity, and drop the opposition with appropriate firepower. They have no problem going hot and unloading a barrage when needed, but if Heavy is still
functioning to efficient capacity, ATFOR is moving from bunker to bunker, trying to get the best angle in order to take the enemy out as quickly as possible. Situational awareness is key. At the same time, ATFOR will act as a Suppression team to back up Scout if the scenario presents itself. In order for this squad to function properly its members have to be geared toward speed and aggression.

Messengers of Chaos.