The purpose of Heavy Weapons Training is to instruct players in the use of cover fire and ATFOR deployment. Main focus will be laying heavy suppression fire in conjunction with other components of the team.

Paint slingers. All out, down in the mud, we’re bringing it to your momma’s house, iron curtain of justice. Everything else centers from this squad. They are the backbone to our assault. ATFOR does not advance without Heavy dropping some paint on the opposition. Scout does not disappear unless Heavy is unloading. They are a distracter as well as an attack unit.

Heavy members work in conjunction with other facets of the team to get them into the positions they need to be. Their role can switch from offensive to defensive: i.e. a driving hammer or the unbreakable wall. To clarify, this is not a back row-long balling unit. Heavy members are always on the advance… slowly…but continually. At times certain members of this unit may be used to fill holes where the ATFOR has fallen. They keep enemy heads down, bust bunkers, intimidate. Loud and proud.

They are the legion…our wall.