The purpose of Scout Training is to develop selected members for the role of stealth insertion and pinpoint accurate marksmanship. It will also ensure Scouts know how to relay information back to the captain and work in conjunction with the team. Pure stealth. Scout is a union of the sneaky. It incorporates snipers, pointmen and other recon elements into one roof. They are the team’s forward eyes and ears. Radio communication is imperative with this group and a necessity for team survival.

Scouts perform various tasks: positioning themselves behind enemy lines or in ambush setups, acting as Point to establish contact with the enemy, or maneuvering to flank on the wings. While the main body of Muddy is setting up a wall or wedge this team is on the move in an attempt to encircle the opposition, or suck the enemy past and eliminate them at close range. The unique aspect of Scout is that its members are required to fill any of these roles at a moment’s notice.

Scout members do not shoot a lot of paint. Their actions are precise and calculated. They slip back into the brush just as quickly as they strike. Masters of the belly crawl. Scout is constantly probing the enemy lines for weakness, always seeking to find the needed angle or back door that will ensure a swift engagement.

They are the silent assassins.