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All Paintball Related Goodies / Re: Slips sale!
« Last post by Slipps {MWB} on August 11, 2018, 08:13:53 PM »
All Paintball Related Goodies / Re: Slips sale!
« Last post by Woody {MWB} on August 11, 2018, 06:43:22 PM »
Pics of cocker?
All Paintball Related Goodies / Re: Slips sale!
« Last post by Slipps {MWB} on August 11, 2018, 12:32:10 PM »
Also MWB members obviously get a discount
All Paintball Related Goodies / Slips sale!
« Last post by Slipps {MWB} on August 11, 2018, 12:22:56 PM »
Hey guys, just getting rid of stuff I don’t use:
Cocker stuff: body needs retapped screw up front for the frame. Pneumatics are system x and need a ram and maybe some screws? Comes with radish shock tech frame and old cocker frame. Not sure on the bolt. It comes with the p block, it’s just not pictured. Pump kit has a mid length pump arm.
All for $100

Pump ion: this thing is ridiculous. I love it. Only selling because I don’t play much anymore. It has a faint leak when it’s not cocked, shoots amazing and I have a video if you want it. Pump stroke is super smooth and almost non existent. $200

White/gold kp3: it’s a players gun, has scuffs and marks. Has a leak down the barrel that I didn’t want to chase and fix. Buy it with the white dye mask for 180. $150 separate.

Grill: painted by myself (sorry!!) needs new strap and new lens. $35

Empire: great mask, just not my style $50

Dye: usable lens but could be replaced. Decent shape otherwise. $65

Profits: were my workhorse for a few years. Has wear, decent lens, strap is in good shape too : $45

Alien invasion: don’t know what’s wrong with it, just want to get rid of it. $100

Hoppers: gravity are free, primo $5 powered is $15

Vest: Spec-ops dagger vest. I Love this vest, but I hardly ever do scenarios anymore. Fantastic shape but needs a wash. $35

Prices are negotiable if I’m far from market price (not really on top of my market value). So just make offers!!

Pics are on the Bob White bat on Facebook, or I can send you pics if you’re interested.
Area Games / Re: Blastcamps The Purge October 28th
« Last post by Checkers {MWB} on August 01, 2018, 03:51:44 PM »
Same weekend as round up isn't it? I'd definitely be interested in this, guess I might have to catch my paddle fish opening weekend now.  Wonder if we got enough people going if we could get some evil from madcow.
Area Games / Blastcamps The Purge October 28th
« Last post by Trek {MWB} on August 01, 2018, 10:57:36 AM »
I was chatting with a couple of T-15 operators on Facebook about local scenarios in the Midwest. I told them we were interested in a scenario in October. They said they were going to Blastcamp for the Purge. It is October 28th and it is a bring your own paint scenario.
For those that don't know Blastcamp is the decommisioned Nike missile base.....
Area Games / Re: Just Fer Fun
« Last post by ALPHA {MWB} on July 29, 2018, 11:53:25 PM »
Yeah. I had some serious luck today with Phoenix missing me on some key shots. His gun going down was nice, very nice. He was playing much more aggressive, definitely not the guy you can just put in then stop watching. He placed a great shot on my shoulder at the break,  but it didn't break. I was standing in the open looking for he and wes at the same time. Not advised.
Area Games / Re: Just Fer Fun
« Last post by Trek {MWB} on July 29, 2018, 11:42:09 PM »
Ok I will give you a little run down on how I saw the day. Wes and I got out to the field around 11:30. The factory team was finishing up a practice. But other than that no one there. We get gear ready and just hang out. Rentals start filtering in. We are just about to play and Taylor shows up. This is gonna get good! We split up sides to just play with the rentals. All good guys. We start in the Lego field on the far side. Taylor and I on one side and Wes on the other with rentals. We get a loose game plan with the rentals and we decide we need to make sure we keep an eye on Wes between Taylor and I. Gotta keep an eye on the Tiger Shark! So game on Taylor moves up center right, I take center left. Shots are exchanged I catch a guy or two out in the open and i start to realize Taylor hasn't said where Wes is. I get this impending sense of dread because I don't know where Wes is. You don't lose eyes on the Tiger Shark. So, I post up into this little hut that has kiddy corner doorways, a window on my right, and a window straight ahead. I peek out the door and see 2 guys posted up and paint rains through the doorway. I snap out the closer guy right off the bat. The other guy was a little more problematic. Paint is flying horribly! I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn! Then paint starts to come in from the window on my right. I'm working back and forth from the windows to the door. I catch my opfor out the door with a lucky shot and move to put paint out the window. As I am coming back to the door to try to look for targets I catch sight of Wes through the window coming hard! I slide out the door gun up and Wes and I are sight to sight at like 5'! I pop off a shot and Wes' shot goes wide. I got him! Straight up the barrel! Couldn't have been a luckier shot! Our side wins out and we switch sides.

I take off for a double spool bunker on the right and start calling out players to a friend of Tim's that came out. I am working 2 different directions but the only way I can get shots on the guy to my 1 o'clock is by going over the bunker to shoot. Just can't get good shots at anyone and end up taking 2 shots from the guy at my 1. He just had me at a better angle. I walk off and watch Taylor going head to head with Wes. From the sidelines I see Taylor take out Wes. But Taylor didn't realize the whole right side had fallen and he gets shot out by a guy who flanked him. Taylor thought he was friendly. Game off. We make our way to the barn for paint and air.

About that time Phoenix shows up. We make our way to the woods field. We are playing it short and Taylor and I end up on the far side. Taylor sweeps right and I pick my way up the gut. I again catch a couple guys in the open. We kinda rolled them that game. I never had eyes on Wes or Phoenix. The rentals all go to get air so we decide to do 2v2. End up teamed up with Taylor again. We are working well together so I felt like we could hold our own. Phoenix and Wes walk and Taylor and I start on the close side. At game on Taylor goes far left. I see Phoenix head that way too and flippin Tiger Shark disappears! Here comes that impending sense of doom again! So I am slowing picking my way along the left center side of the gully. No sign of Wes. I see Taylor posting up about 30 yards inside the left tape line and I can see Phoenix directly at his 12 o'clock. I pop a couple shots towards him and he scurries to a deeper bunker. Still no sign of Tiger Shark. I feel that trickle of fear sweat going down my back. I start swiveling trying to find him. Then I hear his pump fire! Crappy paint saved my life! He had me dead! He was posted at the top of the ridge. He ducks away and I lose him again! Crap! It is silent and that dread goes up to 110%! I just have visions of Wes creeping around and flanking me. I keep eyes on his last location and slowly creep, gun up, forward. I even crept across one of the gully bridges trying to find him. Nothing. I look over and take a couple shots at Phoenix, and I think he had a gun malfunction, he calls himself out. Taylor looks to me and I wave him forward to circle to the left not really knowing where Wes is. I creep forward shadowing any tree big enough to shadow and I catch sight of Wes. Just his elbow though! All right. Let's see if these optics work! I sight in on his elbow and send 3 quick shots. First 2 go wide and the third shot tags him! Game over.

We then make our way to the concepts and do some more 2v2. That was when my marker issues started. It started double firing and chopping. I muddle through getting shot out by Taylor and Phoenix multiple times. Just getting more frustrated. I had a family dinner to go to and by then it was getting close to 5. So I decide to pack up and call it a day. I suspect that junk paint did horrible things to the bolt system in Blitz. I will have to clean her and see what is going on. It was dimply and brittle. No bueno.  But all in all a fun day of paint! I love being able to play for $35! I do think I need to see how it likes Evil. That Marbs was horrible!


Your friendly neighborhood Trek
Gun Tech / Re: Any sweet new gear?
« Last post by ALPHA {MWB} on July 29, 2018, 10:34:09 PM »
Where is Sherwood? And what are the dates?

Sherwood is just on the other side of Chicago.

It was earlier this year.
Gun Tech / Re: Any sweet new gear?
« Last post by Strong on July 29, 2018, 10:20:32 PM »
Where is Sherwood? And what are the dates?
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