MWB History

The old veterans within the team have been playing together since 2000. It began as just a couple of friends getting together with their Tippmann 98s, Phantom Pumps, Talons, Titans, and Cockers, on various weekends throughout the year. Farm land and wooded ravines were our areas of choice. We were lucky enough to have a few friends who lived on such places. As the years went by, we began to take paintball a little more serious and traveled to scenarios in Lawrence, KS. From this point, MWB made the jump to Oklahoma DDay in 2004 and we decided it was time to become an official team. There were only five of us who made the initial DDay trip, but stories of airborne drops behind enemy lines, massive beach landings, and 4,000+ players soon drew more of our friends into scenario play. This began our journey as a team.
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In 2005,
our team size grew to 9 members. We continued our annual trip to DDay and Hoot began his leadership term within the 82nd Airborne at the massive scenario. Up until this point, MWB did not have a Team Captain. We were just friends playing together. Through DDay leadership, Hoot began to assimilate into the role. At this same time, by the generosity of a fellow church member, the Muddy Water Boys were granted permission to play on 5 acres of private woodland on the northern edge of Omaha, which the team has called its home ever since. With their own "home field" established, the team really began to grow and our level of play increased exponentially.
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In 2006, we added 3 members for a total of 12. Other members on the team also began to take up leadership roles at DDay: Wetch, Tick, etc. The Muddy Water Boys established themselves in the DDay community as a team of high character and good fighting spirit. They became the backbone of Dog Company and were highly regarded across the fields of play. It was in 2006 that the team made its first venture into woodsball competition and joined the SPPL (Scenario Paintball Players League). MWB took second at the Midwest Qualifier (losing to California Gridlock), and made the trip to the SPPL National Championship. After several hard fought games, the young team managed to secure 6th in the nation after its second year of inception.
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In 2007, the roster grew to 17 members. The team continued to hit up local scenario games around the Midwest, and furthered their strong commitment at DDay. Car problems caused the team to arrive late for an SPPL Qualifer. MWB was not allowed to officially compete in the tournament, but were used a filler team. As a relatively poor team financially, this trip was Muddy's only chance to make it to the SPPL Nationals. With that chance now gone for 2007, the team allowed many rookies and new faces to jump into the SPPL games.

During one of the games, MWB battled against Tom Cole's BC Army and were utterly annihilated. This game was both frustrating and also an eye opening for the Boys. The skill, communication and team work demonstrated by BC Army was on a whole other level. While the loss was deflating, the lessons learned from it are what the team would use to spring forward in years to come.

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In 2008, we grew to 19 members. However, the amount of members that could be considered active were less than a handful. Games were still being hosted at our field, but hardly any members were attending. We still made our DDay trip, and our reputation across the country was still very positive. At home though, team participation had hit an all time low and the team was on the brink of collapsing. This is usual for most paintball teams; the group runs its course for several years and then dissipates. What set the Muddy Water Boys apart from most teams though was our foundation. We were built on friendship, paintball was just an extension of that friendship. What we had accomplished over the past years, the memories we had stored and the brotherhood we had created were too good to let die.

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In 2009,
Muddy's roster grew to 34 members. We hit the local woodsball scene with intensity once again, attending various local scenarios and events. With team passion reaching all time highs, the boys decided it was time to re-enter Woodsball Competition. A new league had been created in 2009, its owner/promoter was none other than Tom Cole. The man whose team made MWB look like a pack of newbies years before, now offered a league which tailored to Muddy's style of play with mechanical marker restrictions and stealth oriented tactics.

Muddy entered the UWL and won its divisions at the Oklahoma Regional, defeating the Bob Long Assassin's in the process, a team which had never been defeated in UWL play. This victory cemented the realization that the Muddy Water Boys were back, both to themselves and the national woodsball community. Hoot continued his leadership at DDay as a Colonel within the 82nd. An added bonus on the year for MWB were the contacts from other team leaders. These captains,  ranging from California to the midwest, were once again inquiring  about assistance in building paintball squads from the ground up. Being able to help in the development of young teams was a particular joy for Muddy.

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In 2010, MWB began the year with a mission to win the UWL National Championship in the Skills Division (mechanical division). Muddy hosted a UWL Mock Tournament in the early spring at their home field and invited various local teams to attend. The event was a huge success, MWB won the tournament and the steep competition prepared the boys for the coming trials of UWL play in 2010. The team traveled the country in this pursuit of the Woodsball Crown, taking 1st place in Texas and Oklahoma Regionals, defeating teams such as Desert Edge, Blacklight Company, Cobra, Texas Roughnecks, Rita's Aftermath and Addicted along the way. In September, the crew headed to SC Village in Chino, California for the UWL Finals. Muddy made it to the Championship Game but fell short to team GAT and ended the tournament year finishing 2nd in the country.

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On the horizon…the team plans to once again make a push for the UWL National Championship in the 2011 season, reach out to more local scenarios and events, and truly focus on incorporating our families into this team on a more consistent basis. Friends and family brought us together, they will also keep together. It is an exciting time to be a part of this team. In everything we do, though we fail at times, we also seek to honor and glorify God. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and Life, and there is no other name under Heaven by which we are saved. For this reason, we can do no less than praise His name and do our best to live for Him in all aspects of our lives, including paintball. Though we may  get upset, let our emotions take over, make mistakes, and sometimes do a poor job of representing Christ, we push forward together as a team to this end. He is our rock and our salvation, and we shall not be shaken.  We are eager to build on this as brothers.
"Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory" 
-Etched in the Pillars of Memorial Stadium (Home of the Huskers)

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Throughout 2007 Muddy's name began to circulate the nation for its approach to the game, putting character and sportsmanship first. One team leader notified Hoot that they had modeled their own woodsball group after the Muddy Water Boys. This was encouraging to hear, knowing that we were being used a positive model for development. Unfortunately though, MWB began to feel the effects of attrition in 2007. After DDay, team participation really dropped off and Muddy began its downhill slide in dedication.

In order to restore our team to prominence, it needed a complete overhaul. Hoot realized this was a task he could not do alone. If the team was to rebound it needed a strong leadership core and a legit structure. As a result, several key members who remained active were sought out and the Council was created (Hoot, Wetch, Tick, Dark). With a new focus and vision for MWB, the Council pushed forward and hit the recruiting market hard. Bylaws were installed, a new website was created, a bank account was set up, income generated, practices implemented, sub-groups devised, the list goes on. Our second annual Turkey Ball event at the end of the year, hosted at our field, brought in a collection of recruits. The second half of 2008 was the team's turning point.

The group expanded on the concept of MWB being a brotherhood. A Sub-Group dedicated solely to life outside of paintball was established known as "Friends and Family". In order to prevent another decline in future years, leaders within Muddy realized they must focus on what got us here in the first place…living life together. We always stressed having fun was more important than winning, but we needed to build upon the bonds we had started over these many years. Several of us were very close friends, but with 34 members now on the roster, we wanted to include everyone into that picture, including spouses, children, etc. This needed to be about more than paintball. 2009  ushered in Family Dinners, Picnics, Awards Ceremonies, Bible Studies, Movie Nights, Work Parties, Service Projects, etc. The Muddy Water Boys moved beyond a couple of buddies playing a game together, they had become a brotherhood.

Within the team, a fifth Council member was added (Alpha) to assist the leaders in current and future development of MWB. The entire Council really stepped up and began enhancing the quality of work and play for this team. The boys once again attended Oklahoma DDay and continued their tradition as a backbone within the 82nd. The team signed its first major sponsorship with LAPCO Paintball Company out of Los Angeles, California. The relationship that was formed between MWB and LAPCO has been a truly wonderful experience for both sides. The team is honored to wear their name and shoot their barrels on the field of play. Muddy looks forward to many partnered years with the company.