The Muddy Water Boys, formed in 2004, are based out of Omaha, Nebraska. We are a veteran scenario team of Oklahoma DDay, Living Legends and various other games around the Midwest for over 10 years. In 2006, MWB entered their first woodsball tournament playing in the SPPL. In 2009 we joined the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) and having been playing competitively ever since. Our notable victories include defeating the Bob Long Assassins, winning 6 regional events, and finishing 2nd in the nation on three separate occasions. The National Championship in our respective divisions has eluded us thus far.

Every year we set out, win or lose, to play this game with a high level of sportsmanship. Success on the field is what we practice for, but representing the positive aspects of this sport are what we strive for.

We are built upon friendship, humility, good fun, and we’re always looking for an excuse to do some camping, sling some paint, and grill up some brauts. Currently our roster consists of 30 members. Tournament play is not our sole objective, in fact only a small element of the team competes in this area. Many members dedicate their play to scenario action or small rec games. Obviously we enjoy winning, but our primary focus is to be a positive impact on each other and those we meet.

Our approach to the game is simple: we do not recruit based upon skill, but rather quality of character; skill can be taught. We strive hard to compete at a high level, but not at the cost of losing sight of what’s important. As a team we love playing together, introducing new players to the sport and guiding their development, helping each other on and off the field, and living life as a brotherhood. Our name means a lot to us, and we do our best not to tarnish it. For this reason, we seek out both players and sponsors with the same type of mindset and ideals. These are elements that make our team stronger and bring us closer together. We are the Muddy Water Boys.

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