Living Legends 7 Recap: Shockman

May 23, 2014 in Scenario, Uncategorized

WesProfileTha Wolf and Shockman facing off at Living Legends 7 in the Dye Tent

Drove up with Trek and the caravan Thursday to setup up camp on wet cold ground. The weather would be rainy and cold for two days. WET COLD. With the right equipment I would have dealt with artic conditions a lot better. But WET COLD? I HATE WET COLD  

Saturday game start. HUGE bottle neck at insertion/chrono. Coupled with a 30 yards of mud bog to walk through before Belize mad for slow insertions. The more it walked through the worse it got as the day went on. 

Trek stayed at the Horde insertion to help get players moving while the rest of headed to off to our assigned area. Merida at the north tapeline. I agreed to be Trek’s eyes on the field which meant holding back most of the day. I reported any and all intel. Especially when Empire would try to push, reinforce or our numbers starting getting low.

Being in this same area 2 yrs in row I knew exactly how it needed to be played. High ground in Belize over looking the downed played needs to be controlled to push the north tape and move the line forward. I decided I would position myself between both areas and ride the slope. That way I could float between high and low ground. I spent most of my time trying call positions for not just Muddy but everyone. I must say it was fun watching our guys clear and move. Every one fought tooth and nail for every foot of mud. I would do my best to pick off key bunkers to take unseen pressure off of Horde players or help them advance. Pushing the range on my pump I got a lot of bounces. But it did get Empire players to stop. I am seriously considering a First Strike marker for the next scenario. I did get a some epic shots pulled off. One was really awesome thanks to Alpha calling it out for me. I was shooting from a low position and blind. I was using a tree the tango was hiding behind as my mark. I could not see him. Only had a gauge of distance. Alpha would call when he was open. I would shoot. Alpha would track the shot and give me a new vector. “A little high and right” on the third shot. I steadied and pulled the trigger. “You got him” was what came next. We laughed hilariously. At moments when a side would push there was use of smoke grenades. Not much use. When it was used I noticed how it cause players to pause more that use it for cover to move. Personally I felt the smoke plumes were to small in comparison to military issue. Not enough to provide adequate cover. But it did make players pause. I made a mental note of this. 

As the day went on we would push them to clear up to Campeche, and then Quoad Del Carmen. Later in the day we even pushed then to Veracruz.  Each time we move up we’d have less forces. We’d get thinned out with every push. The farther in the longer the walk for reinforcements. We’d pushed back Merida but would always hold there fine because its a short walk for reinforcements. This push pull would go most of Saturday. Had we almost a full compliment of players at Veracruz we could have easily taken their base at Kalapa.

At about 4:00 pm I am started to notice less and less Horde at insertion. Either there are more Horde staying alive or people are getting tired and leaving the game. About this time the Horde XO asked us to stay with him for a counter mission. Hold Belize City for 45 min too keep points and prevent the Empire form getting said points. Trek decides to sent Alpha, Wetch, Zulu, and Tick on to Belize to keep the line at Merida. He keeps me with him in Belize. At this time Belize is pretty desolate. It’s basically three of us guarding a slap slick with 15 mins on the mission clock remaining. 20 mins in I notice a lot of Horde players are walking back toward us. I get worried and tell Trek I’m heading down the road to see whats up. My fears are confirmed fatigue is setting in and Horde players are not coming back on after elimination. The Empire has more numbers on the field and are going to push players out of Merida. I immediately radio Trek “Empire is will take Marida. Whatever Horde reinserts keep them in Belize. I’m staying here”. Knowing the push starts at the high ground I shoot and move my way into the shack at Merida. I’m in with two other Horde. We are holding our own real well. We lose one, then the second. Now it’s just me. At this time I’m thinking “Wish I had smoke grenade”. I take out two more empire shooting through the door way. Two more horde join me in the shack. I’m thinking “Great!! Reinforcement”. Then I hear a load “THUMP” in the distance. The wall I’m behind goes “THUD”. I already new what was coming next before it happened. Ref’s pulls three of out for a rocket launcher elimination. You know your causes a lot of frustration when someone wastes a rocket launcher to get you instead of saving for a tank.

I run all the way back to insertion. Get back to Belize at 35min on the mission clock. We have Horde bunker-ed in and ready. We can here Empire at the tree line of Tik’AL. I watch and see their line spreading a long the tree line to Playa Del Carmen. I decide to hide in the trees right at the opening of the road. Right as it hits Belize. I can her empire all over. They’re spread wide out into Chetumal. Yeah we’ve been pushed. I take out to empire with out being seen. Then I realize I am out number six to one in this area. My advantage. They don’t know where I am. I decide I’m staying an taking as many as I can. I wait. Then I feel a dreaded “POP” in my back. I thought I would make through Legends this year with out this happening. Almost got past Saturday. Yes I was team killed. I walked out and the Horde Player said he was “Sorry” offered to come med me. I said “No. Bad Idea coming here” “But you will be really sorry in a few”. They made it to the tree line and the “Battle for Belize” started. Hauled back to to base in time for insert. Just in time to watch Trek get taken out. Trek tells me “That’s it. Mission clock is run out. We keep the points”. 

We decide to walk back to base and call it a day. On the way I notice a player talking with the base ref. Didn’t think anything of it at the time but this was meant to be ruse. The player walked past us and then I hear. “You’re all dead. I just blew up your base”. The ref yells “No markers in the HQ”. Trek and I look at each other. Trek barrel tags him and says “You’re dead”. The ref responds “Technically no. You have to say Barrel Tag”. At which point the player decided to shoot Trek at Pointblank. while Buckshot and I barrel tag him on both sides. Funny part it is Lani was like good for you we are packed to leave already. There was 5 mins on the game clock. 

I would later learn through face book posts that this Empire player was a legion commander. He bypassed the mission stick at Belize city to go for the base kill which was less points. Lesson here. It’s about the team objective and not personal glory. 

Sunday came and I ask Trek. Whats the plan today. He says “Command says all we do today is HOLD”. “Do not let them take any points away” So back to Merida to hold a line. Remembering the observation of smoke and its effect the day before. I decide to head over to Ultimate paintball vendor booth. I come back with 10 smoke grenades. I evenly pass them to to Wetch, Tick, and Koss. “Use them at your discretion. But use them”.

It was an all battle at the Merida all day. No quarter was given by either side. Our command gave up two tanks to Empire to level out the armor play. Every time I would see a push start I threw smoke or some else did. A lot of smoke was thrown. A lit movement and fire would slow or stop. I could have thrown 10 myself if they weren’t so expensive. 

Though we lost the final battle. We won the Living Legends 7 this year. A lot of complaining and accusations going on about the results and the Horde command strategy. This is what I observed. The Horde seemed to be more of team on the the field for this one. Everyone was talking to everyone. Supported each other and made use of the Medics. 78 filled medic cards were handed in. FILLED !!! 1560 uses of medics. No person glory over objectives on the north tape at all.

The Horde command started preparing right after Living Legends 6 and kept it up right up to the end. For player General to go so far as timing the walk from insertion to the scrimmage field. Do the math and figure the number of players he would lose from his line (in the 1.5hr time frame of skrimage commitment). Is my kind of general. The horde command decided to only commit a reasonable amount of players for scrims instead of full legions. They made the line the priority. The did the math, recruited, and won this before it started.