Living Legends VII Recap: Trek

May 22, 2014 in Scenario

Trek – Horde: Barbarians Commander


Trip started great! We all met up at Slipps’ and was able to roll out at a pretty good time. It was a little chilly but the sun was shining and everyone was ready to get going. After a few miscues on which drive through we were going through we were on the road. I would say the rain started shortly after Des Moines. We ran through rain up to about an hour outside of Joliet. So we got lucky and had no rain for our campsite set up. But boy it was already mushy and muddy. Not to mention it was cold! As soon as we got set up we made a run into Joliet to get some food and make the first of like 3 Walmart trips. I decided that my sleeping bag was not going to cut it and bought another one. That saved me some cold nights! By the time we were back to the camp it was close to 10:30 so Wes and I basically ate in our tent and racked up.

Then the rain started. Probably 2 am I woke to rain and I think it rained until close to 8 pm Friday night. We had mud galore. We had water in the tent. I will say for as much rain that came down it stayed mostly dry. Wes and I decided to head into Joliet for breakfast and another trip to Walmart. Had to get more dry socks! The rain pretty much killed all of our plans to play in Friday games. It was just too wet and cold. We all pretty much just hung out and enjoyed friendship and laughs. Hit up the vendors and tried to keep our feet dry! I met a few times with Honu and Buckshot to make sure our plans for the game were solid and wandered around trying to meet the other teams that signed up for our Legion. 

Saturday dawned and the sun shone! I can’t say I have ever seen such a glorious sight! Game on was at noon so we had plenty of time to bask in the sun before we had to be on the field. I ate one of Tim’s breakfast burritos and hustled up to Honu’s camper to get last minute changes and game plans. Got taped and made my way to the dead box for the game on signal. Some last minute changes that took place in regards to our skirmishes made for a controversial ending to our scenario but I will get to that. The long and the short of it was that instead of sending our whole Legion to the skirmishes I would pick 30-50 guys to handle that and I would keep the rest of the Legion to hold the line with me on the main field.

Game on! The first of the issues arose. They had closed the main chrono area because this year it was part of the play area. So they had chronos at the deadbox. I would say a solid 70% of the Legion didn’t get chronoed prior to them closing the main chrono and did not make it to the initial main charge. I held back to direct traffic and made sure everyone got taped and got on their way to the lane where they needed to be. I had to hang back at the command tent for a solid 2 reinserts to make sure everyone got out onto the field. At that point Sky radioed me for a confirmation that we owned the Cancun slapstick so I made my way there, confirmed it was ours and made my way up to the back of the line. just to the east of the down plane. The fight was furious! Every inch of ground we got were hard pressed to get. I positioned myself midway up the ridge so I could see in the gully and see at the top of the hill then radioed to Tim that I was there for his eyes. That enabled him to make some outstanding moves barrel set to barrel set and we were able to take the down plane and push the line back. That was some of the funnest play of the entire weekend for me. I was able to provide cover fire for Tim to make moves and I could see when he needed to move. I cold also see the line on the top of the ridge and get them to push once the tape started to move. Finally I ran out of paint and pretty much just stayed there to rally guys when needed. Sky did an outstanding job radioing from command letting me know when we needed to push or hold the line to gain us points or take points away from the opfor. Shortly before our first skirmish I hustled off the field for paint and air. That was when I realized that the Axe had chewed through an entire battery in less than half a case of paint. So I was back in the Empire tent for tech and listening on the radio as to how the Legion was doing. 

At that point it was just hold the line because our areas were not worth points of any kind. However My Legion was still taking ground and pushing them almost all the way back to their deadbox. After having the second board of the weekend put into my Axe I made my way to the command hut while radioing back and forth with the guys that went to the skirmish field to fight in the skirmish. That was the first indication that something was wrong with the opfor’s plan. I started getting radioed that the entire Praetorian Guard Legion forfeited their skirmish. Which seemed odd considering I was getting reports that we were out numbered at least 2-1. So I hustled my way down to the line which was very close to their command hut. At that point I realized we must have pushed them far enough that instead of losing their command hut, they pulled the skirmish legion and threw them at my Legion on the field to try to push us back. That was the area where the terrain was steep, slippery, and rocky. I was working it with Slipps and totally biffed it! Got my only big bruise on my hip when I fell. Running low on paint I made my way back towards the command tent. I think I had about a hopper left. I meet up with the guys about to insert and decided I would go back in and just direct guys even with very little paint. Wes and I get grabbed by our XO and asked if we would sit on the slapstick at Belize City for like 45 minutes for the points. Belize City is the last slapstick before our deadbox. So I figured it would be a cakewalk. It was late in the day pretty close to the end of the day. I sent Wes on to the line so he didn’t have to sit there with me. I ended up regretting that decision! Apparently the opfor made a huge rally and pushed all of the line. I start seeing movement at the edge of the treeline. So I hunker down and take out 5-6 guys and promptly run out of paint. They didn’t realize I was out of paint though. They just knew I had dead shots on all of them. I was able to hold them off for the last 1-2 minutes to get the points without any paint! I just made it like I was shooting back and they would duck back and wouldn’t move. I got the points and made my way back to command. That was when they killed our command hut. They had a guy make his way their and no one noticed he had blue tape. I was standing there with Buck and Wes, I even saw the guy sidle up to the ref and kind of hide his left arm behind the ref. Then he spun keeping the ref between us and him stepped into the command hut and called all dead. Realizing what happened I stepped up and touched him with my barrel and said you are dead. Wrong words. Didn’t say Barrel Tag. So he touches his barrel to my leg and says barrel tag. While he was doing that both Buck and Wes came up and barrel tagged him. Well I just had a bad feeling so I grabbed his barrel and tried to move it off my leg and he pulled the trigger 3 times. Point blank into my thumb and thigh! LOL! At that point I decided I was done for the night! lol. I skipped the dinner battle like most of the rest of everyone and made my way back to camp.

That was when I found out what was up with the skirmishes. Apparently the rules about them were a little open to interpretation. NE command sent the entire Legion we did not. NE command didn’t feel the need to recruit tank teams. They expected Viper to divide them evenly so they didn’t have any tanks. We gave up team Defiant the trackchairs and 50 guys. If you are on Facebook at all you have already seen the fallout of that. So I was told that for my skirmish Sunday the whole Legion would participate. No prob we would just roll with the punches. Wes and I grab some pizza and we just chilled until we racked up.

The next morning was another wonderful day! We were up and off to the field. We swapped sides so our walk to the deadbox was less than half what it was the day before. That was when Honu informed me that NE command decided to scrub the skirmishes entirely and just focus on the main field. So it was just a straight up firefight. We had the same issues with chrono as the day before and I spent a good portion of my morning taping players and directing traffic. Finally around 10:30 I make my way to the line so I can get a feel for what we needed. The fighting was intense. Some of the most intense I have ever seen at LL. We were still able to move the line to gain our points but every time it was a struggle. Finally I get a radio call that the only thing worth points was in the city and I should pull off as many guys as I wanted and send them to reinforce that. So I pull most of the guys and stay behind to make sure my line doesn’t fall. The opfor must have just pulled most everyone and threw them at the city because we were able to push them almost all the way back to the fort. At that point it was pretty much game off before the final battle so I made my way back to campsite for paint for the final battle.

What can I say about the final battle? It is a hodgepodge of slightly controlled chaos. After one false start from a rubber ball someone had brought exploding, WE take off for the slapsticks. First I made my way into the woods firing from the line we took two years ago and rolled through paint taking out guys right to the north of the berm. I blew through about half my paint there and decided to make my way to an area that I hadn’t worked before. That was when I noticed the BOB’s streetsign and it dawned on me that if they got one we might have one. So I start wandering around mid battle looking at street signs! I make my way to the back of the BOBs sign and see ours. So I start hunting for more MWB. I find Wetch and tell him about the sign and he goes to check it out. Meanwhile two of my other field commanders find me and we team up to put some paint on some fools trying to come over the berm. I blow through the rest of my paint and some of theirs before I decide I have had enough and make my way off the field.

I needed to be close to the stage for the awards ceremony so Honu, Sky, Buck, and I find a spot near the stage ramp to set up and I go to the camp to dump gear and take off my LL7 jersey so I would have the MWB jersey on while on stage. That was when I really got an inkling of the crying that was to come from the opfor. They were behind me far enough away that Honu and Buck couldn’t hear but since I wasn’t wearing my LL7 jersey they didn’t know I was a field commander so I got first hand account of what was to come. 

The award ceremony was amazing. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the caliber of players that was on that stage was very humbling. I still find it hard to believe that I was there. Our MWB played some killer ball! The comms were good the moves were even better. Once we were on the field and clicking I could always count on you guys to move the line when needed. Zach kicked butt as a medic. He will only get better. My MVP was definitely Phoenix. Before he tore up his knee he killed 4 out of 5 missions and was ready to run more. I couldn’t have asked for a better Legion. You all made it easy to lead and allowed me to still have a blast doing it!

My sincerest thanks to all of the guys that made it. I couldn’t have done it without you!