Living Legends VII: The Account of Phoenix

June 13, 2014 in Scenario, Uncategorized

No, he's not blind...just injured his knee and had sunglasses and a walking stick.

No, he’s not blind…just injured his knee and had sunglasses and a walking stick.

So this is way past due but time for another write up!

The first day Checkers and I make the trek to Chicago and get thoroughly left behind by the rest of the caravan within the first hour do to a mix up getting on the highway. No problem because Checkers has his phone with GPS so we just keep calm and carry on. As lunch rolls around we get in contact with the rest of the guys and decide to stop at a steak and shake on Slipps recommendation. Good food and good times, still feel bad for the waitress that had to deal with our banter. We hit the road again and for the rest of the trip is seemed like we were either in a rainstorm or driving towards one. Start to worry about setting up camp in the rain but by God’s good graces we had the clearest skies we had all day just as we pulled into CPX. We missed registering by a whole 10 minutes so we started scouting campsite only to find that the ground is already saturated with rain and there really isn’t a great place to set up. Found the least muddy spot and set up. Had a good time trying to set up Koss’s whale of a tent. Got supplied at Walmart, got fed, went to bed.

Friday we awoke to rain and water in our tents. Zulu and I got up early and made a beeline to register, I think I was second in line for the day. After that we spent the day mulling over the different vendors and trying to keep dry. We were really excited to check out Nuketown since it was so close but with all the rain nobody had the will to go. Checkers, Zulu, and I walked the field so we had some idea of what was where and discovered our front was flooded with all the rain. Went back to Walmart to get rain gear, ate at another place Slipps recommended, felt bad for another waitress, and slept in the car since my tent was too wet.

Saturday is finally here and we awake to the most welcome sun I have ever seen. Spent the morning getting ready and spreading my gear around so it would dry out in the sun. Now to the part you really want to read about. Trek had asked me to be a demolitions expert since I had volunteered earlier to run missions. While everyone else is getting pumped to make the opening charge Zulu the medic, Tick the recon, and I sit quietly since we won’t get our medic cards and orders until after the game starts. I am tasked with blowing up the base nearest the enemy HQ and Tick was tasked with doing recon on their HQ. Since Tick and I were heading in the same direction we ran together riding the north tapeline with the hope we could sneak by with Muddy support. We arrive at the front line and it becomes apparent that sneaking wasn’t an option and I am just stunned at the amount of people hanging out in that muddy riverbed. I just hung back waiting to see what kind of opportunity would present itself. None did. I did get to watch Zulu in action getting our men back in the game. All of the MWB did some serious work moving the field including Tick who I followed like his shadow. In a desperate charge Tick made it to a forward bunker but sadly when I tried the same maneuver I got a lense full of paint. Getting out of fire and on my way back to the spawn I look at my watch and see that my mission had expired, we had failed mission impossible. I hustle back to get new orders thinking that Tick and I might run together again. Another demo and recon but this time more south central on the field. After a flurry of radio chatter it is apparent that Tick is not going to make it back for another mission anytime soon and it becomes known to me that I could do both demo and recon myself, challenge accepted. I book it to the front lines first attempting the recon mission. I stalk up and down the lines to find an opening to sneak through, there was a lot more brush cover here than in the river bed, getting shot in the gut a couple of times but always right next to a medic. Our line pushes far enough forward that I can see an opening through the trees. The guy next to me is using first strikes and a scope on his gun, he had just ran out of ammo and was just using the scope to call out guys on the other team. I lean over and ask to borrow his gun and use the scope to complete my recon. I call it in and get told I need to find a ref to verify my mission. Spend about 15 minutes to find a ref and get the points. Look at my watch and I have ten minutes to complete my demo. Luckily we had pushed well ahead of my target so all I had to do was run there. Get in a debate over whether it is wise to blow up a base we currently control and it boils down to blowing it up is worth points. I detonate and high tail it back to HQ. Get my next mission and it is to capture and hold the base I had just blown up, at least I knew where I was going. I head out and stop by the spawn to get some recruits just in case we did have emeny present. I found about 7 kids, one who was dressed like an emo cowboy, and arrive at the target to be told since it was destroyed we needed an engineer to rebuild it before we could capture it. Called in our situation and Yodaman was dispatched to clean up the mess I had just made. The base gets repaired and with 5 minutes left to hold it we have a wave of about 60 New Empire guys advancing on what was now maybe 10. We fought gallantly and held them back expertly. I ran out of mags and called in to see if new missions were available. Some reinforcements had just arrived so I ducked out to take on the next challenge. Another demo, this time south central just on the far side of the 50. I find the front line and begin my prowl again recruiting different groups of people to try and open holes for me. One guy I walked by had ‘Cloudy’ on his name patch. That name is familiar, isn’t he on the MWB boards? Sure enough it was the same guy. I explain my mission and he and his buddies huddle up to formulate a plan. “We got a plan” is all they say and they disappear, next thing I know there is a giant hole in the line that I could ride an elephant through. I have no idea what they did but it worked. As I get close to my destination I become confused as to what exactly I have to blow up since there were a ton of picnic pavilions and other structures that could all be the target. I asked a ref and he tells me I’m close and that’s all he can say. I run past a possible target, drop into a knee slip and toss in the satchel. The ref comes up and tells me that’s not my target. Take two, I retrieve my charge and dive into cover reuniting with some kids that knew I was running demo from earlier that day. They help me do a suicide charge into a large pavilion that was netted off. After penguin diving into the base of a post a yell for a ref to verify that this is the right location. He shakes his head and tells me I’m almost there. I get up and look at the time, 5 minutes left. I look around and there is only on possible place left and it was smack dab in the middle of the enemy line and ours. There are about 30 people sitting behind the pavilion I am in and I start explaining to them that missions are worth points and them staying alive isn’t. I got a few people to agree and get ready for a charge. I try again to rally support saying I only have a few minutes left. No avail. Watch says I have less than a minute. I just yell at the guys to charge and they did. I use the mass of bodies as a shield and as the last few guys get shot out I am feet away from the target. I brace to do another penguin slip and the soft ground gives way under my feet twisting my whole leg 90 degrees as I push off to slid. Pain shoots through my leg and I do some crazy flip into a face slide that pulls my mask off my head. Laying on my back in pain and just dazed at the impact I put my mask back on and just lay there. A cease fire is called, “Guns on the ground, on one knee!” is the order I hear. The check me out and help me off the field, one guy under each arm and another carrying my vest and gear. one of the refs tells me I got the mission, somehow I threw it in the right direction.

After that the real medics were called and there were all concerned about my head and if I blacked out. Apparently my glasses had cut my brow and I had what looked like a lot of blood mixing with my sweat. Koss just happened to be near by and he helped me by getting my gear back to camp while the paramedics gave me a ride. I denied a trip to the hospital and just sat around camp listening to all the chatter on the radio. After the pain settled down and it was clear I didn’t have a break I wanted to get up and move around. I had a walking stick packed in my bag that I didn’t bother to unpack for the trip and used that to limp around the vendors and watch from the sidelines. Got fed again and decided to sleep in the car again so my knee wasn’t on the ground. On my way to the car I met up with a couple guys who where frying some burgers and morel mushrooms. They gave me a hearty serving of both and I broke out my flask of whiskey I had packed (purely as a fire starter¬†¬†;D) and shared it with them. Great guys, one wore a pikachu hat on the field and the other wore a umbreon. Drank and ate for a bit and witnessed a RV hook a nissan with its bike rack. Called it a night.

Sunday is here and I am useless on the field. Trek was looking out for me though. He thought it would be a good idea to post a guard outside HQ since the day before we had a guy get in ours. I played guard but had no action. Watched the final battle from the sidelines and hassled Zulu later for not making a run at the slapstick like he said he was going to. Stuck around for the final score and got a good laugh when Koss thought he had won a raffle but didn’t. Heard the score, broke camp, got a hotel, headed home.

Despite getting hurt it was a great time and I’m so glad I went. It was great hanging out with you guys and now I know more about what it means to be Muddy. I am feeling better and my knee is back to normal, I plan to start playing again this weekend if I can find the time. Also as a side note I moved to a new apartment so that is why the write up is so delayed. I tip my hat off to anyone who actually read the entire thing.