Living Legends VII

May 21, 2014 in Scenario

The Rundown
by Kossmonaut – Horde: Barbarians | Muddy Water Boys

Muddy at Living Legends VII

Alpha and I left Thursday morning, driving through rain most of the way there with temperature dropping the whole way. The rain broke right before we arrived and were able to set up camp without it raining on our heads, although the ground was soaked. Temps got down to 30s overnight, and even some scattered snow flurries got reported around chicago area….burrrr

It starting raining steadily during the night Thursday, or early Friday and continued all day. The rain finally fizzled out around 8-9pm, leaving the campsite/field a muddy swamp. The folding canpoy I brought also decided to collapse and couldn’t be repaired, so we were down to one canopy, other than tents to get out of the weather. This on top of it being cold enough during the day to see your breath, and sub 40s at night. We had planned to hit PB Explosion and try out the Nuketown field for some recball Friday, but the weather kinda ruined that idea.  The highlight of Friday was definitely Portillo’s for dinner! I was a bit skeptical about Slipps’s enthusiasm for a “hot dog” joint, but this place is definitely worth hitting up.

Thankfully the clouds parted and the glorious sun shone mercifully down on us Saturday morning. Taylor and I just stood in the sun that morning for a long time, enjoying the heat. 

We all loaded up and geared up, to find out the chrono was closed after the pre game brief and had been moved to the horde spawn…ok, we’ll just go chrono out there. Well everyone had the same idea, which lead to only about half our players actually running out on the initial charge at game on. The rest of us were waiting in line to chrono. I think I was able to go in about 5 minutes after the game started.

Getting into the game, Muddy was going to be working the north tape/ridge area the whole day, and that’s where the majority of the fighting was happening. The firefights were brutal and a lot of fun, with the horde pushing the Empire back everytime I repsawned, we would be a little further towards their base.  A couple hours in we pushed them to within view of their spawn, this was right when Muddy’s first skirmish was supposed to happen. After killing at least 1000 empire scum, i decided to have some mercy on them and call myself out and go see about this skirmish. When i got there, Taylor was already talking to some of the other Horde players. Apparently, the Empire commander had pulled their players out of the skirmish all together, thinking they would be better utilized on the main field. So we won our skirmish, since they didn’t show. I was out of paint, and needed some food, so I walked off the field for a bit, to refuel.

By the time I got back, the Empire had rallied and pushed us back to about midfield, where I spent the rest of the afternoon slaying empire scum by the dozen. But despite handing out the beating of a lifetime they kept holding us to a virtual stalemate. I had shot a full case by this point, so decided to call it a day. On my was back to camp I stopped by the net near the air station in time to see the refs call a ceasefire for an injury. Low and behold Phoenix had twisted his knee and face planted, and was being helped off the field limping. I was able to help carry his gear back to our camp. That was the end of the day for me, just hung out and relaxed and listened to the lamentations of empire players.  

Oh yeah, did I mention it was muddy? everywhere? it was

Sunday I woke up to another sunny day and it was a bit warmer as well. The chrono line was a lot shorter and we found out they had cancelled all the skirmishes for Sunday. The Horde switched to the West side this time, so we got to work the other side of the northside of the main road. The battle pretty much just switched back and forth around mid field most of the day. With one side pushing the other back, then retaking ground throughout the morning. With about an hour left we pulled out, and headed to Bedlam to reinforce the Horde players holding the town for points. I was about out of paint, so I joined in a group of Horde players making a mad rush over the berm into armageddon and promptly got lit up by a couple hundred Empire players, but it was fun. 

Had a quick break and then went right into the FINAL BATTLE. I ended up crawling up the berm about halfway, and was able to pop up and shoot some players in the woods as well as quite a few Empire players trying to stand up over the tubes at the top of the berm. About 20 minutes in, one of the horde players broke the right side slapstick on his attempt, so we were down to one on the berm, which the empire had held the majority of the time. Right after that some Empire players had made a push into the forest and were blasting our edge of the berm. So after respawning, I decided to check out the situation at the temple, which was in play this year.

When I got there the stick was Empire’s color, but we soon had enough brave Horde souls to make a charge on the slapstick, about half of which being B.O.B.s. They went for it, and made it easily, and I spent the rest of the final battle shooting Empire guys trying, unsuccessfully, to flip the stick back to their color. 

They handed out awards, prizes and made some speeches. Then we packed up camp, found a hotel, and took one of the most glorious showers of my life! Followed by some delicious Chicago style deep dish pizza via Giordano’s. Drove home the next morning.

Overall: Living Legends is always a blast to play with MWB crew. Rain and cold definitely put a damper on things and made camping less enjoyable, but that’s part of experience sometimes. Also a big difference not having as many Muddy as last year. Way more fun when we get the whole crew rolling. Everything considered though, still an awesome time.