Fast moving, hard hitting attack force. Gunfighters. ATFOR brings an aggression to the field that the other units feed off. Situational awareness is key. They can go on the hunt and stalk the brush, or light up the field and drop some paint. This is a versatile group that brings with it an array of skill sets. ATFOR operators must be great communicators who actively relay kills, deaths, and time management; as well as general attack and defense strategies. Keeping the team informed and confident. They push the field and set the tone.

If a defensive holdout is needed, they work their bunkers with precision and hone the snapshot. But in a moment, ready to spring to action and take the fight to the enemy. Shooters and movers.


  • Hoot

    Jake Hansen | Co-Captain | 2004

    Keeper of the old code.

  • Wetch

    Nate Wetjen | 2004

    Graphic design guru. USAF Cpt.

  • Alpha

    Taylor Clinch | Co-Captain | 2006

    ODM Missionary.

  • Dark

    Nick Smith | 2007

    Muddy Ninja and Security tech.

  • Tower

    Kyle Nordstrom | 2009

    Gizmo techie.

  • Slipps

    Brandon Shelton | 2009

    Caveat Emptor

  • Turd

    Sam Minturn | 2010

    Be careful downstream

  • TheO

    Theo Hudalla | Council | 2011

    Pastor. Turns off hoppers.

  • Thundercurls

    Josh Edinger | 2011

    GM aficionado.

  • Eagle

    Michael Tallon | 2012

    Future Navy officer.

  • Big Cob

    Ben Benson | Council | 2014

    Squirrel Cannon inventor.

  • Checkers

    Andrew Horak | 2015

    All about those pants

  • Wolf

    Michael Kist | 2015

    Kamikaze flag runner.


Quiet and efficient. Scouts can rock the trigger or pump arm if needed, but they excel at being in the right spot at the right time and making their shot count. They tend to utilize stealth when navigating a field, not wanting to draw attention to their movements or placement. Heavy and ATFOR are often visible when engaging, hoping it will draw attention away from the Scouts. Allowing them to crawl, slither, or sprint to a key position where they can inflict damage with a few well placed shots. Scouts also work to master the ambush, becoming one with the terrain and setting a trap.

In scenario play, Scouts are often deployed as the forward eyes and ears. Relaying information back to the main group. Their ability to blend in, flank, and surprise the opposition are a welcome asset to the team.

  • Tick

    Tim Schulte | 2005

    Mech engineer. Woodsball master.

  • Uncle Nasty

    Curt Queen | 2007

    Engineer by morning, napper by noon.

  • Bagel

    Kevin Queen | 2007

    Stage Effects expert and proud daddy.

  • Shockman

    Wes Shockley | 2011

    Cuong Nhu Sensei and old school pump player.

  • Lo

    Ian Ebersole | Council | 2013

    Makes bridges go boom!

  • Phoenix

    Kevin Paul | 2014

    Sparky in training. Woodsman.


Paint slingers. All out, down in the mud, we’re bringing it to your momma’s house, iron curtain of justice. Heavy loves to drop the hammer. Providing cover fire and suppression, they bust bunkers with a ton of paint, taking out guys in thick brush and fortified positions. At the same time, the volley they’re sending is an intimidation factor. It keeps the enemy’s head down and allows teammates to advance and take up key spots. Usually positioned behind ATFOR and Scout, their perspective of the field and their comms to the rest of the team are invaluable.

Their role can switch from offensive to defensive: i.e. a driving hammer or the unbreakable wall. Loud and proud. These boys whole heartedly embrace the concept of “superior firepower.”

  • Dirty

    Brent Wonder | 2007

    Master Plumber and Chef. Ditka. Sausages.

  • Grim

    Keenan Webb | 2008

    DayZ expert

  • Woody

    Greg Wood | 2009

    Bringer of Sasha’s wrath. Drives trains.

  • Koss

    Seth Kossakoski | 2009

    USAF Kossmonaut

  • Leviathan

    Bill Atkinson | 2009

    The BBQ smoke-o-meter.

  • Smilodon

    Jon Atkinson | 2009

    Drawer of Ligers.

  • Trek

    Cris Nelson | 2010

    Scenario commander.

  • Shano

    Shane Richter | 2011

    Knows everything about every marker ever.

  • Zulu

    Zach Domina | 2014

    The young gun.



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